THAT is why what you say and how you say it matters more than anything else when it comes to selling your sh*t.

“Omg, what a fire selfie...I feel like her eyes are telling me to go join her program through her link in bio!!” 

- Said no one. Ever.


Don’t get me wrong. I will be the FIRST to like, save, and share that fire selfie and hype you tf up.

But without equally fire copy in caption,
inspiring me to get clickin’...
it all ends there.

Think about it...

Your words are how you catch the attention of and communicate with your audience in the first place…

They’re how you develop genuine connections with your perfect people…

And they’re how you convert “eh, maybe next time” readers to loyal brand customers... 

Your words are how you sell your sh*t and build your empire.

We all know the critical importance of on-point copy…
But can someone puh-lease give a shout out to Edgar, the EXPENSE elephant in the room??

Even the best writers aren’t naturally born with the inherent knowledge and mastery of both the art and science of conversion copywriting.

That sh*t takes years to master. 

But, Mack, who the ACTUAL eff has time to cram alllllllllllll that expertise, understanding, and practice into one afternoon before writing a hella important sales page, website, launch emails, or whatever it may be?

Oh, hunni. Am I glad you asked!!

But the truth is, writing and copywriting are not the same thing.

I hear you—good copywriters don’t come cheap, and you’re not half bad at writing yourself.
So, I feel you on going the DIY route. Hell, I’m all for it! 

Introducing the incredibly requested…

Conversion Copy Reviews

A 2-hour conversion copywriting review to update and optimize a piece of your work (your website, a sales page, an email sequence, etc.) for connections, conversions, flow, and that fire personality people don’t forget. 

i need to convert!

-Britney Gardner, Brand Strategist

“Mack literally doubled 
my conversion rates.”

How It Works


Fill out the project questionnaire & send over the copy you want optimized.

After locking in your Conversion Copy Review, you’ll have one week to submit your mini-Brand Breakdown questionnaire and send over your copy.

Keep yourself busy for 5 days while I make the messaging magic happen.

Once I have everything I need from you, I’ll go in with expert eyes and a fine tooth comb to audit + update as much as I can in 2 hours.

Get your newly conversion-optimized copy back & get started selling!

When everything’s good to go, I’ll send back your updated copy with a Loom video walkthrough explaining what I did and why. 

Then, you’re free to use the new copy as you see fit, and start celebrating your new sales!



so You down for some expert

without the expert conversion copywriter price tag?


One Payment of

Conversion Copywriting

i need to convert!

-Cait Scudder, 7-Figure Business Coach for Women

Hey, I’m Mack!

Conversion Copywriter & Brand Storyteller for Powerhouse Coaches

I’m Mackenzie, a Fortune 500 copywriter turned entrepreneur and the go-to copy partner for coaches and service providers who aren’t afraid to spice up their industry.

As a conversion copywriter for coaches and a coach myself, I’ve worked with 6, 7, and 8-figure brands to develop their signature brand voice and craft personality-pumped copy that maximizes both sales and impact.

From websites to sales pages to emails and beyond, I’m here to help you build real-ass connections and make much more money with ease by letting your copy do the hard work for you 24/7.


Love notes...

At the end of the day, 
it all comes down to these three options…

Write your own copy, cross your fingers, hope for the best, and reinvest all that time, energy, and effort into giving it another shot if it doesn’t convert.

What will you choose?

Do your research, interview candidates, make a decision, and invest in a professional copywriter to create your website, sales page, launch emails, etc. from scratch.

Sign up for a Conversion Copy Review, fill out the project questionnaire and submit the copy you want to ensure will convert, wait five days, rock and roll with some newly updated conversion-optimized copy 🥂

option #1

option #2

option #3

 without the price tag that comes with a pro copywriter creating it all from scratch?


-Britney Gardner, Brand Strategist

“Mack took my sales page from ‘passably converting’ to converting at the top tier of my expectations.”

i need to convert!