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You can't launch without a stand-out offer...

Before you start writing any sales copy...


Selling doesn’t have to be so hard…when your words do the work for you ;)

Don’t start crafting ANY of your launch assets (sales page, emails, captions, etc.) until you have these two things:

01: An offer optimized to meet your audience’s wants and needs.

02: A messaging strategy that captures this^ in a way that joins in on the conversation already happening in your perfect prospects’ heads (instead of starting a new one) and EXCITES them to learn more.


What's inside

PART O1: fluff-free video training

Once you’ve gotten a step-by-step breakdown of the optimization process, give your own offer(s) a shot with the bonus worksheet.

PART O2: offer optimization worksheet

First, watch the quick, no B.S. video lesson you’ll be taken to right after sign-up to learn my 5-step formula to optimize tf out of ANY offer.

Lastly, stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox—I’ll be sending bonus resources and conversion copywriting hacks over the next few days to help you further optimize your sales messaging strategy! 

PART O3: surprise goodies 🎉

As a conversion copywriter for coaches and a coach myself, I’ve worked with 6, 7, and 8-figure brands to develop their signature brand voice and craft personality-pumped copy that maximizes both sales and impact.

From websites to sales pages to emails and beyond, I’m here to help you build real-ass connections and make much more money with ease by letting your copy do the hard work for you 24/7.

Conversion Copywriter & Brand Storyteller for Powerhouse Coaches

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