This one goes out to all the coaches & consultants working their asses off to get their message out there...

conversion-optimized copywriting.

Sell your sh*t (all of your sh*t) online with

Here’s the big secret selling your sh*t online

There is no big secret.

Despite what you’ve been told by gurus and “experts” pushing their own systems and strategies that work for THEM

There is no ONE sacred strategy that dominates the rest.

Instead, the truth is this: What it takes to have a ~successful~ online business will look different for each and every person, business, and brand.

However, two things that holds true regardless of the who, what, and when?
→  You must know how to articulate your value so your audience will want to buy.
→ There ARE tried and true copy assets (pieces of conversion-optimized copy) that will support you in meeting your sales goals regardless of the strategy or direction you choose to take.

What are those assets? I'll clue you in down the page ;)

but first...

For the love of all that is pure and profitable
PLEASE take your hands off the keyboard, Step away from ~the Google machine~ and think for a sec before wasting another 492837 hours surfing the web trying to figure ouT “how to write [insert copy asset here]”...

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by writing sh*t that just DOESN'T sell...

You put in the time and effort to create a kickass offer and a “launch/sales strategy” to support it (aka, what you were able to piece together via dozens of google searches)...just to see low to no ROI.


If you know what it feels like for an offer to FLOP, you know what it feels like to…

hemorrhage time & energy

You’re left questioning the massive value you have to offer and doubting your decision to make this small business your full-time gig in the first place.

question yourself

You threw your heart and soul into crafting a product or service you KNOW will truly change the life of your ideal buyer…just to wind up with none of those dream clients/customers getting their hands on it. 

lose hope

Take a sec to dream a little dream with me

What if, instead of inconsistent income and unpredictable sales, your entrepreneurial journey could consistently look like this…

Confused as HELL on what you even NEED to create in order to have a successful launch (never mind how to actually make it)...

Working smarter NOT harder with proven, step-by-step conversion copywriting frameworks for each and every sales asset.

Unsure of how to string together a single sentence in a way that will relate to & instantly connect with your perfect people...

Sitting down at your desk confident as hell in your ability to weave words in a way that results in cold hard conversions.

Struggling to make sales...

 Texting your mom and bff “yooooo, you’re not going to believe how many Paypal notifications I woke up to this morning!!😳

The exciting revelation you’re about to have is…

^^all This sh*t is just WAITING for you.

Go ahead and save yourself the time & trouble that I already invested the last 6+ years in and headfirst dive into consistent sales with…

i'm ready to sell

A vault of all my never-before-shared copywriting secrets, tools, and templates paired with your step-by-step playbook for crafting each and every piece of conversion-optimized copy you need to attract, nurture & sell to your dream clients & customers.  

All my secrets, strategies, and frameworks (not to mention templates and tools) I use to write high-converting copy for my 6, 7, and 8 figure clients PLUS direct live support?
Yeah, I put it all in one easily mapped out course for you.⁠

the answer to selling your shit *(all of your shit)* online…


"I’ve launched three new offers that have been making it f*cking rain!

The best part is that it takes me way less time to write everything for my business now."

kierstin cifelli
petite fitness & nutrition coach


the ultimate diy sales copy course (with live support)
for coaches, consultants & course creators

the conversion
copy vault

bi-weekly copy Q&A calls//office hours

Create each and every must-have asset to successfully sell out your online offers with this exclusive collection of no-bullshit (aka all the shit you need to know, none of the shit you don’t)  video trainings. 

Together, we’ll work step by step through developing all the major pieces copy you need to attract, nurture, and CONVERT lurkers (yes, even those seemingly consume-every-freebie-but-never-actually-make-a-purchase prospects) to loyal buyers (the kind who leave raving reviews and shout your name from the rooftops!).

Keep on scrollin’ for a peek inside each module!

What, you thought I was gonna leave you hanging to fully DIY something as important as a whole-ass launch with NO support?

Pssssh! Try again ;) 

Get my full focus on YOUR launch during these 50-minute bi-weekly Q&A calls (6 total) in an intimate group setting.

Ask your questions, receive expert guidance & hands-on support, and ensure you’re on the right track to squeeze as many conversions as possible out of each piece of copy you create in LCA. 

(These calls work like office hours - you can drop in as needed, and nothing is mandatory!)

Launch smarter, not harder 👏

Listen—I’ve spent the last 6+ years mastering the art and science of conversion copywriting so you don’t have to.

Now, I’m offering you my whole-ass vault of all the expert strategies and secrets I use to multiply conversions while cutting time like crazy.

The Conversion Copy Vault is packed full of exclusive workbooks, templates, examples, formulas, prompts, and so much more you won’t find anywhere else.

This baby is well worth its weight in, well, conversions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


6 core copy creation Modules



Your lead magnet (aka freebie or opt-in incentive) is how we’re going to start warming up your audience for your offer while also getting more prospects on your email list.

This bad boy is an *essential* first step in developing a rock solid relationship with your audience so they’re practically ~begging to buy~ by the time you reveal your offer is officially available!

Exclusive goodies you’ll find in module 01 include…

4 Video lessons, slides, and transcripts
Master Lead Magnet Creation Workbook
Full collection of lead magnet design templates (via Canva)

BONUS: This is something you’ll use year-round (regardless of if you’re gearing up for a launch or not) to grow your email list and convert on the reg!

lead magnets

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 01

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

module 06

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 02

Your landing page is HOW you’ll get members of your audience to opt into your lead magnet. 

In this module, you’ll find everything you need to not only create a high-converting landing page to build your email list with fresh, hawt, hawt subscribers but we’ll also talk about how to optimize the thank you page that follows to get the absolute most out of each opt-in!

Exclusive goodies you’ll find in module 02 include…
5 Video lessons, slides, and transcripts
Master Landing Page Creation Workbook
Landing page blueprints
Thank you page templates

BONUS: This is something you’ll use year-round (regardless of if you’re gearing up for a launch or not) to grow your email list and convert on the reg!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

module 06

landing pages

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 03

Next up, we’ll be nurturing these new leads you’ve gained from your lead magnet and landing page with your automated nurture/welcome email sequence.

Stay top-of-mind for these prospects so they’re all warmed up (aware of the problem you solve, seeing you as *the* expert on this topic, etc.) and EXCITED to buy when your offer finally launches.

Exclusive goodies you’ll find in module 03 include…
7 Video lessons, slides, and transcripts
Master Nurture Sequence Creation Workbook
Nurture email sequence planner
Welcome email swipe files

BONUS: This is something you’ll use year-round (regardless of if you’re gearing up for a launch or not) to grow your email list and convert on the reg!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

module 06

nurture email sequences

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 04

Billions of people are using Facebook and Instagram every. single. day. That is HUGE untapped potential for you + your launch.

In this module, you’ll learn how to target your specific micro-audience and tailor your messaging to the social media platform you’re promoting on so you can continue to grow your email list AND your income before, during, and after your offer launches.

Exclusive goodies you’ll find in module 04 include…

5 Video lessons, slides, and transcripts
Master FB/IG Ad Creation Workbook
FB/IG Ad templates

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

module 06

fb/ig ads

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 05

Ah, yes. The jackpot of all launch jackpots—your sales page. THIS is where the curious leads we’ve been nurturing up until this point FINALLY turn into paying customers. 

Sales page copywriting is unlike any other type of writing, and there’s a highly specific formula each sales page needs to follow (and a long list of boxes each sales page needs to check) in order to transform from a regular ol’ webpage into a conversion machine 🤑

Exclusive goodies you’ll find in module 05 include…

10 Video lessons, slides, and transcripts
Master Sales Page Creation Workbook
The Sold Out Sales Page Action Pack

Note: This is a hefty module, but well worth it, as a finely tuned sales page will make all the difference in whether a launch skyrockets…or flops.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

module 06

sales pages

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 06

FACT: Email marketing has an average ROI of $44 for every $1 spent 😱

Let's take madddd advantage of that.

Walk away from this module knowing WHAT emails you need to send, WHAT to include in each, WHEN to send them, and HOW exactly to craft compelling messaging for your buyer’s journey. 

So NO sales are left to chance.

Exclusive goodies you’ll find in module 06 include…

9 Video lessons, slides, and transcripts
Master Sales/Promo Email Creation Workbook
Sales email copywriting cheat sheet
Launch email tracker

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

module 06

sales//promo emails


bring on the bonuses!

trello board launch planner

A stress-free, step-by-step copywriting kit with everything you need to write a high-converting sales page with ease.

Sales Page Headline Generator
The 6-Figure Sales Page Blueprint
Sales Page Planner
10-Section Cheat Sheet
The Comprehensive Conversion Checklist

VALUE: $37


the ultimate launch prep bible

VALUE: $97


The Sold Out Sales Page Action Pack

VALUE: $199

With soooo many moving parts to every launch, it can be dangerously easy to get overwhelmed and unorganized.

Your plug-and-play Trello board Launch Planner (the same one I personally use) is here to keep you sane AND making mad sales.

This is the same workbook (but in a prettier format) as my signature Brand Breakdown Questionnaire I send all my VIP clients before ANY conversion copywriting kicks off. 

This 15-page workbook breaks down the foundational messaging phase into bite-sized questions so you’re ready to rumble (and sell) with the rest of your copy assets 😎

word on the web

what students & clients are saying...

launch copy academy is currently

anna-christina Gustafson
business coach

"I honestly regret NOT having invested in Mack a year ago."

Kierstin Cifelli
Petite fitness & nutrition coach

"My personality shows way more, and I’ve launched three new offers that have been making it f*cking rain!

With my B.A. in Professional and Technical Writing and several years as a lead copywriter at a Fortune 500 under my belt (and more than 6 years in the conversion copywriting game in general), the credentials are all accounted for. 

I also have a helluva lotta heart when it comes to what I do and who I do it for. Meaning, I don’t throw a bunch of marketing lingo that makes me sound ~elite~ and copywriting formulas you can just google at cha and call it a day.

Instead, I’m all about making this copywriting thing (aka the art and science of communicating with your perfect people in a way that SELLS without feeling slimy) simple and dare I say—fun. 

The end result?

You learn how to sell your shit online with practical strategies you can master in half the time and use over and over as you laugh yourself all the way to the bank.

Sound good? Cool, I’ll see ya inside LCA then ;)

Hey, I'm Mack!

meet the expert

Conversion Copywriter & Messaging Coach for Coaches, Consultants, and course creators


The 30-Day “This Sh*t is No Joke” Guarantee

(or your money back)

You’re here to learn how to sell your shit with words. Not to lose any more time and money.

As an entrepreneur, coach, and service provider, and as a HUMAN myself...I get it. This course is an investment for you. And I do not take it lightly. 

That’s why, if you’re not as confident about your upcoming launch after exploring this course as I am FOR you…I’m giving you every penny of your investment back. 

Take 30 days to work through the first two modules of Launch Copy Academy. If, after completing the first two module workbooks, creating your lead magnet and landing page with the help of the rest of the materials in the Conversion Copy Vault, and reaching out if you need a hand, you still don’t feel like you have the insight, clarity, or tools you need to finish crafting all your launch copy assets in a way that will sell...

Just shoot my assistant, Jess, an email at with your completed workbooks and finished lead magnet + landing page, and she’ll issue an immediate refund.


Questions other coaches, consultants & course creators asked before making mad sales with my conversion copywriting frameworks & tools

your questions answered

I already have soooo many courses, most of which I never finish…why is this one going to be any different? (Why is it a MUST?)


The results LCA will get you are no freaking joke. And neither is the way in which help you get there.

LCA is different from other online courses out there that help you grow a business in a few key ways. First, in addition to the self-paced modules, you also get access to direct live support from yours truly during our bi-weekly Copy Q&A Calls//office hours.

These calls will not only offer you the opportunity to get your questions answered and 1:1 feedback from me, but they also act as a source of accountability to help keep you on track with each of your launch materials.

(Keep in mind, this course has been engineered hella intentionally to help you *actually* get everything inside the modules completed in a timely manner AND completed in a way that converts. For this reason, you’ll have two weeks to focus on each individual launch asset before the next module is dripped.)

You also have the option to enroll in the VIP track (track 02) to get even more hands-on support from me with copy review + conversion optimization for each and every launch asset you create during the modules!

REMINDER: You also have 30 days to try out LCA risk-free with the guarantee. Check out the “This Shit is No Joke” Guarantee outlined earlier on the page for more details!


How much time will I need to invest in this course every week to see the results I want?


Between creating your copy assets bi-weekly with the video modules + Sales Copy Vault and attending the 50-minute Q&A Copy Calls//office hours as needed, I’d say you’re looking at about 2.5 hours per week.

Keep in mind, as is the case with most things in business, you get out of this course as much as you put in. If you’re invested in putting in the time to create killer launch assets upfront during these few weeks…they’ll do the hard, money-making work FOR you like crazy down the road.


Who is this course for? (Beginners? Advanced entrepreneurs? Halp!)


This course was strategically designed for two groups of coaches, consultants, and course creators—both those who are new to or find themselves struggling with launching and/or copywriting AND those who would just like to see greater results from their efforts and let their copy do the hard work for them.

Copywriting is a powerful skill that can take a business from broke to making mad bank.

So even if you end up opting to have a professional write some of your launch copy instead of taking it on entirely by yourself, you’ll still learn invaluable copywriting skills that will benefit your biz and your bottom line wherever you end up implementing.

As Amy Porterfield says…

“Copywriting is the lifeblood of any business. When you know what to say and how to say it, you instantly connect with your audience. Copy creates connection, and connection creates conversions.”


What kinds of offers/launches do the materials we create in this course work for?


Any. Whether you’re selling a digital product, a 1:1 service, a course, a program, or maybe a membership , etc., LCA is focused on creating copy assets that lead to sales rather than the actual offer itself.

LCA will provide you with everything you need to write high-converting launch copy tailored to your unique offer.


Wait—is this a live group program or a self-paced DIY course?


LCA is a self-paced DIY course BUT with the live support element to ensure you start and stay on the right track with each of your launch assets so you’re sure to convert.

In addition to the DIY modules dripped bi-weekly, you’ll also have access to 6 live Q&A calls//office hours to pick my brain and solidify your launch asset for the week.


What if I can’t make a call?


The live Copy Q&A Calls work like office hours - nothing is mandatory, and you can drop in as needed!


When do we get access to each new module?


Modules are dripped bi-weekly, giving you enough time to work through the materials and fully complete each asset before our bi-weekly Q&A calls.

Here’s a glimpse at the module release and Q&A call//office hours schedule:

Module #1 (Lead Magnets) access: Tuesday, March 29 — Q&A Call: Thursday, April 7 @ 6 pm EST
Module #2 (Landing Pages) access: Tuesday, April 12 — Q&A Call: Thursday, April 21 @ 6 pm EST
Module #3 (Nurture Email Sequence) access: Tuesday, April 26 — Q&A Call: Thursday, May 5 @ 6 pm EST
Module #4 (FB/IG Ads) access: Tuesday, May 10 — Q&A Call: Thursday, May 19 @ 6 pm EST
Module #5 (Sales Pages) access: Tuesday, May 24 — Q&A Call: Thursday, June 2 @ 6 pm EST
Module #6 (Sales/Promo Emails)access: Tuesday, June 7  — Q&A Call: Thursday, June 16 @ 6 pm EST


Do you offer refunds?


Sure do! I’m so crazy confident that LCA will give you exactly what you need to write launch copy that sells your shit for you that I’m giving you 30 days to test out the first two modules.

If you don’t feel confident after completing the materials, you’ll get your money back.

(More deets in the “This Shit is No Joke” Guarantee outlined earlier on the page!)


As a result of their inaction, they’ll find themselves stuck in the same place with their business (and, therefore, financially) a year, two years, five years from now…

...convinced the missing link is hiring another expensive coach that talks a big game but leads to no tangible results.

The brutally honest truth:

Instead of taking 30 risk-free days to test out Launch Copy Academy, they’ll face the tough decision of lying or admitting defeat at the next family Thanksgiving when good ol' Aunt Janet asks:

“Didn’t you start this business so you could have more freedom…
yet you’re working 12+ hours a day AND making less??”

75+% of coaches, consultants, and course creators reading this will click open a new tab and get to work on a rando task in an attempt to “move the needle” while they “think about it”...

Only to forget or lose the link entirely in a sea of saved URLs.

launch copy academy is currently

anna-christina gustafson
business coach