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Because ain’t nobody got time for a perfectly curated personality…

Congrats, cutie—you made the cut!

If you’ve made it past the homepage, it’s safe to say you pass the vibe check and get a big ol’ gold star for each of the following:

A lil foul language doesn’t scare you off (in fact, you actually appreciate it).

You’re seriously curious about what exactly some research-driven conversion copy could do for your business 🤔 

You’re not down for any of the phony bullsh*t in the online space or in life in general, for that matter.

And sh*t, are we glad to hear it! Because as cheesy as it may sound, we thrive on this one simple truth

The most effective way to stand out and sell online is by embracing & embodying your wholeeee-ass self.

(In fact, we’ve built an entire brand around it.)

Hot Copy Haus is the premier destination for coaches, service pros & course creators who want their words to work as hard as they do.


Mackenzie B. Fleming

Let’s get right to it—here’s who I am and why you should give any f*cks ;)

As the premier copywriter for coaches with my B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing and more than 7 years of professional copywriting experience under my belt for brands like Capital One and Teachable, I’m known for producing tangible results for clients of all shapes and sizes. 

But like you, I also understand that results come from much more than just stats, numbers, and dollar signs.

Sure, I could drop a humble brag about how I’ve written copy for numerous 5-figure launches or about how I’ve crafted website copy that increased conversions by 40%...

But that baller bank account balance always starts with sharing a genuine message that communicates heart and humanity.

Walk away from working together with nothing short of… 

Copy that speaks from the soul to the souls of your perfect people, allowing you to sell your sh*t WHILE leaving an ever-growing impact.

The Copywriter for Coaches & brand messaging mentor

The Sh*it We Live By


Keeping It Real as F*ck


Approaching both copy & business as humans for humans first


Never missing an opportunity to help & to hype you up


Knock-your-socks-off (but don’t let your toes get cold) quality

We ignite genuine as f*ck connections via conversion-optimized copy & sounds-like-you-but-better brand messaging.
(So you can sell your sh*t without selling out)






The Hot Copy Haus Story

How we got here…

Graduated from Virginia Tech with my B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing.

Started my first “real” job as a copywriter at a Fortune 500 company.

Launched my freelance copywriting business as Wicked Content (which I quickly changed to Wicked Copy Creative after my psychiatrist told me Wicked Content sounded like a porn website 🙃).

Left corporate and took my business full-time.  At this time, I was mainly working with B2B technology brands—specifically, artificial intelligence companies (who WAS she?!)


Skrrt skrrrrrt!
Pivoted and niched down to working as a copywriter for coaches after I got sick of all the old, rich white guys running the B2B tech game (not sorry).


Grew my team and rebranded from a personal brand (Mackenzie B. Fleming) to Hot Copy Haus.

Nicole Cienne, Bliss Coach

"Mack took my mess of thoughts and crystallised them into a clear, intentional message that converts. 

Mack is the Queen of copy that converts, but more importantly, she brought life to the message that had been sitting in the shadows in the depth of my soul and made it f*cking shine!"

If you’re more of a numbers b*tch…


Brand Stories shared


High-converting web pages written


Client Emails Crafted

From websites to sales pages to emails and beyond, we’re here to help you build real-ass connections and make oodles more money with ease by letting your copy do the hard work for you 24/7.

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