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Signature Speaking Topics

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Stand out in a crowded market with personality-packed copy: 5 steps to build your brand voice

Psychology-backed conversion copywriting hacks to inspire your audience to take *immediate* action

Storytell to SELL: Brand storytelling tips to write content that connects and converts

How to attract and land dream clients with copy that speaks DIRECTLY to your perfect person

Conversion copywriting in action: How to write sales pages/emails/websites that sell your sh*t FOR you

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Mackenzie B. Fleming

With her B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing, several years as a lead copywriter at a Fortune 500 company, and 7+ years of professional copywriting experience in the online space, Mackenzie is the go-to copywriter for coaches and service pros who aren’t afraid to stand out and spice up their industry.

As a conversion copywriter and messaging coach, Mack works with 6, 7, and 8-figure brands to develop their signature brand voice and craft conversion-optimized copy that maximizes both sales and impact.

From websites to sales pages to emails and beyond, Mack helps coaches and online entrepreneurs build real-ass connections and make much more money with ease by letting their copy do the hard work for them.

Conversion Copywriter & Brand Messaging Mentor

I am NOT your girl if...

You don’t like your value with a heaping side of humor
You’re not chill with an F bomb (or two 🤭)
You aren’t into actionable advice & tangible takeaways
A cat occasionally walking across the screen is offensive to you in any way