Conversion Copywriting for Coaches

hot copy vip weeks


If you’re not having full-body
orgasms while reading your own copy…

You're doing it wrong.


Settle for mediocre messaging? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You have places to go, people to see, money to make, and lives to impact. 

You’ve got an offer that moves f*cking mountains, but now you need copy that actually captures that.

Yep, you need a copywriter. But it’s not about finding a copywriter. It’s about finding *the* copywriter. That b*tch who’s just as obsessed with taking your business to the next level as you are and has the vibe and experience to do  just that. 

kyla derkach
human design coach

“My conversion rates have exploded (almost 40%)!

I can’t wait to continue to tap into Mack's genius again in the future.”

Finally—your answer for done-for-you conversion copywriting that sells your sh*t but still sounds like you…all knocked out in one week.

Take the time, stress, and second-guessing out of selling by handing your copy off to a pro conversion copywriter with 7+ years of experience and a knack for spicing sh*t up. 


hook me up, hottie

Hot Copy VIP Weeks

For the undie dampening copy you deserve.

Communicates the essence + value of your offer in a way that just *clicks* with your perfect people
sounds more like you than you do
Is handed over, ready to start selling your sh*t in 1 week
Inspires aligned action (aka converts maybes to “take my money!”)

Walk away with copy that...

Whatcha get...


90-minute Brand Breakthrough Intensive

one Full copy project (choose from options below)

2 Rounds of complimentary revisions 

loom copy walkthrough

Optional offboarding call

Pick your project

website copy

sales pages

Email sequences

Facebook/Instagram ad copy

opt-in + thank you pages


hot copy vip weeks

Our Signature Process


Brand Breakdown

We’ll kick off your project with our Brand Breakdown Questionnaire where we’ll begin pulling all the genius bits and golden nuggets from your brain. 


Brand Breakthrough

On the Monday of your VIP Week, we’ll meet for a 90-min Brand Breakthrough Intensive. 

We’ll use this time to make sense of all the goodness pulled out during the questionnaire, mold it into a bespoke strategy, and ensure we’re 110% on the same page before any writing happens.  


research, strategy & writing

Tuesday and Wednesday are when all the research and writing go down on my end. 

You do NOT need to be present for any of this—use this time to do you, boo!


review & refine

Thursday, I’ll deliver your drafts (woohoo!) so you can check them out and send back any revision requests. 

When I get your feedback, I’ll update the copy, obsessively read it over with a fine-tooth comb, put on any finishing touches, and send you the final copies within 24 hours.

Hot Copy Weeks are *the* answer for you if...

You need copy that converts (but still sounds like you) and on a quick timeline.

You want your sales page/launch emails/website/etc. to drive sales from a place of empowerment rather than lack mindset resulting from sleazy marketing tactics.

You either have an evergreen funnel OR you’re live launching and want to ensure you’re maximizing your ROI (including time, money, and energy).

Take stress out of selling with research-driven launch, funnel & website copy

The One-Off VIP Week

High-converting sales copy turned around in one week (works for both live launches AND evergreen funnels!) + unlimited revisions  (you won't need them).

Choose from...
  • 3-5 Pages of website copy
  • One long-form sales page
  • An email sequence
  • A custom request (could be any combination of Facebook/Instagram ad copy, opt-in pages, social media captions, etc.)

The Whole Launchilada

For those who want all pieces of their launch/funnel working together simultaneously to ensure maximum ROI.

  • Custom Launch Messaging Bible
  • One long-form sales page
  • Pre-launch emails
  • Launch/sales email sequence
  • Landing/opt-in page copy (for associated freebie, masterclass, challenge, etc.) 
  • Facebook/Instagram ad copy OR batched social captions
  • Unlimited revisions  (you won't need them)



this is what i need!

i need to sell my sh*t

Payment plans available

Their words...

“Working with Mackenzie was one of the best decisions of my business. It's honestly the investment that I have never once regretted. 

I used to spend hours upon hours on sales calls trying to explain what I did with clients, but Mackenzie was able to understand it, gather it all, literally sound like me, but write words that I would have never come up with. 

She spoke the language of my clients and truly understood my brand and my vision and how I could serve them.

Because of Mackenzie, I don't need sales calls anymore. 

Clients convert immediately and directly from reading that sales page, and I am so happy for the time saved and booking new clients and continuously getting to work with the right people that I know that I can serve every single day.”

“I hired Mackenzie to support me with launch copy, and I came away with next level, ‘fuck yes, this is what I was trying to say’ copy AND a full expansion of my message, my vision, and an understanding of how to magnetically attract clients.

I had worked with previous copywriters and was worried she wouldn’t be able to nail my voice, that my authenticity wouldn’t show through. 

But Mack absolutely smashed this.

My copy sounded exactly like me, but soooo much better. She brought life to my true voice, the voice I’d been afraid to use! 

She is the Queen of copy that converts. But more importantly, she brought life to the message that had been sitting in the shadows in the depth of my soul and made it fucking shine!”

“Wow wow holy WOW!!! We are in love with every word. Legit no edits.

This might be the most incredible package of emails I have ever gotten in my entrepreneurial life.

I am not kidding. And I knew that you were the best, but to see it in action…I'm absolutely blown away.

I’m extraordinarily grateful, not only for your time, attention, detail, the thoughtfulness, what you wove into it, like the actual work, but just to be so taken care of in clever copy plus clear copy is chef's kiss hats off.”

Shannon Matson
The Social Bungalow CEO

nicole cienne
bliss coach

kristen edwards
success coach

Book a quick call to ensure we’re a match

next steps
Copywriting shouldn’t be an investment you take lightly—this is your time, money, and reputation we’re talking about. Trusting the right copywriter can make or break sales and connections.

So, we start with a quick vibe check—I mean phone call—to ensure  that, together, we’ll create the kind of magic you deserve. 

let's chat

Don’t see a time that works for you?

Shoot me an email at OR DM us over on IG @hotcopyhaus and we’ll figure something out!

“Mackenzie Fleming is literally one of the most genius copy/messaging magicians of anybody that I’ve worked with in the online space.”

“Mackenzie was able to articulate it in a way that still sounded like me but also have my clients running, saying, ‘Yes, you are definitely the coach that I need, and how can I pay you!?’”

Cait scudder
Business Coach for Women

“In a 90-minute call, Mack was able to encapsulate my personality and really get who I am and what I wanted to transmit to my people. 

She’s a genius at working her magic with words.”



“It takes me way less time to write everything for my business.

I love, love, love, my website, my personality shows way more now, and I’ve launched 3 new offers that have been making it f*cking rain.”

Kierstin Cifelli
Petite Nutrition & Fitness Coach