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10 Sections of a High-Converting Sales Page (with examples)

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October 31, 2022


Writing a high-converting sales page is not something you can just wing without putting  in some serious thought and consideration for the people you’re trying to convert. Otherwise, you’re just wasting a wholeeeee lot of cash (cue sad violin).  

Luckily for you, I know all the right elements that make up a strategic af sales page that’s sure to work every damn time. 

So, if you want to know how to write a sales page that converts, here are 10 must-have sections that you need in your sales page:

  1. Headline
  2. Lead
  3. Offer Intro
  4. Offer Tour
  5. Testimonials
  6. Investment 
  7. Mini Bio
  8. Guarantee (optional)
  9. FAQs
  10. Close + Final CTA 

This formula will work for just about anything! Whether it’s courses, group programs, or even digital products, including these 10 sections is a surefire way to get those conversions you’ve been looking for. 

And who said that sales page copywriting had to be hard? 

What is a sales page?

A sales page is a page on your website whose one goal is to make a sale. That’s it! Your job in writing your sales page is to provide an offer that’s so compelling that it’ll be impossible for your ideal clients to say “no” to you.

Sales page vs. landing page vs. homepage

A landing page (also known as an opt-in page) is a one-off webpage that’s designed to convert visitors to subscribers with the help of an “opt-in” or lead magnet. So, while landing pages and sales pages both have the goal of promoting one singular action, the difference between the two is what the action is.  

Quick recap: A landing page’s goal is to get visitors on your email list while a sales page is meant to convince people to buy your product or service. 

Here’s an example of a freebie/opt-in landing page: The Caption Pack

The homepage of a website is the front page of a website. Here, the goal is to pique your visitor’s interest and prompt them to want to dive deeper into the other pages of your website! Essentially, your homepage acts as the main portal to your entire site and acts as the first impression for your visitors. 

Here’s an example of a website homepage: CoSchedule

The 10 sections of a high-converting sales page (+ examples)

Follow along with the sales page I use as an example throughout this blog here!

1. Sales page headline 

High converting sales page headline

First things first, you need to have a kick-ass headline. Nowadays, you gotta pique your reader’s interest quickly

With that being said, the goal of your headline is to hook your reader while also giving some context as to what you’re offering and why they should care/keep reading. 

Here are a few headline ideas:

  • Ask a compelling question
  • Make an exciting proclamation
  • Appeal to your reader’s curiosity
  • Highlight the transformation that you’re providing 

Pro Tip: Consider also including a pre-headline call-out (the line that sometimes comes before the headline) and/or a subheader (the line that comes after a headline)  to support your primary headline.

How to use a pre-headline call-out: Immediately identify your prospect so that whoever ends up landing on your page has that “sh*t, this is for me” moment or dips soon after if they’re not a good fit. (Check out an example below!)

How to use a subheader: Expand on your headline.

Sales page headline example

First impressions are (almost) everything. Before you move on, make sure your headline provides enough context for your audience, evokes some kind of emotion, and is super specific and straightforward. 

2. The Lead

Your lead should breed a connection with your audience and show that you really know them. 

This is a great place to convey that you not only understand their hopes, dreams, and wildest fantasies, but also empathize with their pain, fears, and deepest struggles. 

The four pieces of a lead to include are: 

  1. Pain points → What’s your ideal client struggling with right now?
  2. Potential → What are the possibilities that await them on the other side (of having success with) your offer?
  3. Storytelling → What’s the narrative tying it all together?
  4. The transition → Set the scene for the introduction of your offer so this section flows into the next seamlessly. 

Sales page lead example

When writing your lead, start by asking yourself what the story is behind your offer. Why did you create this product/service in the first place? What problem has this offer potentially solved for you personally? 

By putting yourself in your reader’s shoes, you’ll begin to build rapport with your ideal clients. 

3. Offer Intro

High converting sales page intro

Woohoo! You’ve hooked your reader and gotten them to continue reading! Now is when we introduce your offer for the first time.

Pro Tip: I do NOT recommend referencing/talking about your offer until this third section of your high-converting sales page.

The offer intro is  This is where you’ll ~officially~ reveal your product/service/course/program as *the* all-mighty solution that your readers have been searching for. 

Pro Tip: This is also where you’ll include your first call to action button. 

Keep the offer intro brief, and use this space to provide an overview of your offer in simple terms—what is it? Who is it for? Why should your reader care?

4. Offer Tour 

High converting sales page offer tour

The offer tour portion of your high-converting sales page is where you’ll finally show everyone what they’re actually getting inside.

Here, you’ll break down the features of your offer one by one, and more importantly, get specific with the associated benefits of each. 

If you have any bonuses, this is the section to include them.

Sales page offer tour example

By making it obvious how your offer works, you’ll be able to paint a picture of the experience you’ll be providing along with the final transformation that your perfect person has been itching to achieve. 

5. Social proof

High converting sales page testimonials

There’s no better way to show that your sh*t actually works other than social proof from the people you’ve already helped! 

Love notes from past clients can look anything along the lines of some good ol’… 

  • Testimonials (video or written) 
  • Case studies or deets of real-life success stories
  • Statistics of your successes or conversions 

Sales page testimonials

Pro Tip: While I recommend having a dedicated section on your sales page for testimonials, I also love to include some one-off client quotes or shorter testimonials throughout a sales page to provide bonus social proof along the way. 

5. The price

High converting sales page pricing

Time to give a breakdown of how much your offer is going to cost.

Use this section to tell us the straight-up price, and include any of the applicable extras below:

  1. Discounts (in comparison with your regular prices)
  2. Payment Plans
  3. Savings for Paying in Full 
  4. VIP Packages, etc.

Now, if you’re at the point where you’re feeling like you need to justify your prices, it doesn’t hurt to include some comparisons of other solutions. 

You can also break down the total value (the “real-life” value of each feature making up your offer as a whole), and show how that compares to how much you’re actually charging (like in the example above).

7. Expert Bio

High converting sales page bio

Now is your opportunity to get a lil personal! Your mini-bio is where you’ll be introducing yourself as the expert powerhouse that you are and the creator of this offer. 

Let your readers know who tf you are and why tf they should trust you with this particular subject or problem. Ultimately, they’ll be more likely to invest if they feel like they know you right back. 

To keep it short n sweet, here’s what to include in your bio:

  • Story of your experience/background
  • Accomplishments + accolades 
  • Certifications or logos
  • A glimpse of your personal life/tastes/habits
  • Your signature method or process

Basically, you’re your prospects even more reason to trust that you’re an authority in your field and to believe that you can deliver on all the magic you’re promising. 

8. Guarantee (optional)

High converting sales page guarantee

Although this section is optional, it packs a punch and can greatly increase conversions! 

Here, you have the opportunity to demonstrate just how confident you are in your offer, along with the results that you’re claiming to produce. Including a guarantee is also a great way to help eliminate potential risks that might deter your prospects from following through on the investment. 

Just don’t make any promises that you can’t confidently keep! 

9. FAQs 

High converting sales page FAQ

Sure, the frequently asked questions section of a high-converting sales page is intended to answer the typical questions you get about this offer. But it also does so much more.

Use this section to address and overcome potential objections while also giving the deets for some routine FAQs. 

To do this, you’ll phrase the objection (ex. “I don’t have time to spend on another course”) into a question → “How much time do I need to dedicate to actually see results from this course?”

Then, use the answer to overcome that objection. 

Example: “Every week, you’ll have one video module to watch (typically about 15 mins) and one optional 45-minute group coaching to attend. So in total, you’ll probably be spending about 60 minutes on this course each week.”

In the end, there are two main goals for this section:

  1. Overcome potential objections.
  2. Reassure your prospects that asking those particular questions are aligned with being a ~perfect~ buyer (if they see themselves aligned with an ideal buyer, they’re more likely to make the purchase!).

10. Close + Final CTA

High converting sales page close

Now that we’ve made it to the end of the sales page, this is your last chance to convince your prospects that you’re the real deal and to act on your offer. 

This final sales page section is where you’ll make your closing arguments as to why you/your offer is the best option to help them overcome their specific problem/help them achieve their specific desired transformation and to include one last call to action for all those skimmers.

P.S. If your reader has made it this far, then you probably already did a hell-of-a-great job convincing them that you’re the solution they’ve been looking for. Congrats! (Now close that deal 😘)

I know sales page copywriting can be pretty damn intimidating sometimes. So before you dip, don’t forget to snag the FREE Conversion Checklist for Sales Pages I made ya so you’ll never be left guessing 😉

Rather have me write a high-converting sales page for you? Book a free Copy Consult Call—let’s chat!


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I couldn’t be more grateful for her expertise and inspiration to show up as my baddie-boss-betch self. Also, she makes me literally LOL which makes the entire writing process fun and enjoyable (instead of painful and overwhelming). 

Seriously, her services/offers are THE best business investments I’ve ever made, hands fucking down."

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“This was the first time that I had outsourced copywriting, so I was very nervous to make this investment but it was 100% worth it. Every single penny.

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I was just blown away. Mackenzie really knows how to capture your brand voice, really make it sound like you, and pack it with personality. 

So if you're thinking of working with Mackenzie, you should totally do it. She's amazing. She's super talented, and it's going to be a really great investment.”

“When it comes to copywriting, Mackenzie knows exactly how to get clarity on your brand voice and how to convey that in your messaging. 

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Mack’s able to meet and bridge that gap of where my audiences are and what I want to convey. 

And there's nothing more exciting than to know that someone cares SO much about what you're producing that they make it their own job—they make it a priority to show up and to make it pizzazz and succeed

So what else could I say about Mackenzie except that she is phenomenal and you would be a sucker to not hire her.”

She’s such a genius with all things messaging, positioning, the nitty gritty of specific types of sales copy that you need in your business. 

And honestly, there’s just nobody who sums up better and more succinctly and actionably exactly how to formulate words that sell and copy that converts.


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