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5 Pieces of Copy for a Foolproof Launch Formula

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October 31, 2022


I know why you’re here—you’re looking for a successful launch formula that’s sure to get you conversions once cart opens. 

Well, get ready to rack in some bands, baby! We’re about to get you the conversions you’re looking for by breaking down the 5 pieces of copy every successful launch formula includes. 

How successful your launch strategy is depends on how well you execute these 5 pieces of copy/content:

  1. Lead magnet
  2. Landing page (for your lead magnet)
  3. Nurture email sequence
  4. Sales page
  5. Launch emails 

Grab a snack or a bev and settle in, because we’re gettin’ down n’ dirty on exactly how to create a launch strategy (with each of these pieces) that converts like crazy.

3 Phases to include in your launch formula

Before we begin creating your launch assets, we need to first know why tf we’re launching in the first place. 

From there, we’ll be able to plan the copy/content needed for each phase of the launch. 

Why We Launch

There are a few reasons why we launch. Those could include any combo of the following: 

  • To grow your audience
  • To grow product or brand awareness
  • To develop authority
  • To gain crazy helpful audience insights 
  • To make some mf’ CASH 🤑

(If none those fall under the “why” behind your launch, we need to talk.)

3 Launch Phases

Now that we know why we’re doing the damn thing, these are the phases of a successful launch: 

  1. Pre-Launch
  2. Active sales
  3. Post-launch 


The pre-launch phase of your launch (aka pre-launch or warmup campaign) includes the weeks leading up to a launch. During this time, you should be priming your audience so they’re READY and excited for your offer when it finally launches. 

The pre-launch campaign is important for a few reasons:

  • It helps move your audience from unaware that they have a problem to aware of the issue at hand.
  • It plays a huge role in how people will perceive your offer (and you!) before they even get their hands on it.
  • It builds HYPE! (And the hype before a launch has major ability to drive sales) 

The goal?

  1. Warm up your prospects so they’re primed and prepped with an idea of what they’re inevitably going to want in on…
  2. While also positioning yourself as *the* expert on that topic. 

Active Sales

The active sales phase of your launch is when cart is actually open.

You’ve ~officially~ opened up shop, and your audience is finally able to get their hands on your offer. 

Now that cart is open and you’re starting to generate sales, that doesn’t mean you should stop hyping and promoting your offer. Make sure to continue to speak of the benefits of what you’re selling and remind your people to buy before cart closes.

The goal?

Sell, sell, SELL!

Pro Tip: Your cart doesn’t stay open forever, so your offer becomes all the more valuable because of the added pressure of scarcity and urgency. Don’t forget to highlight this in your marketing and messaging!

Post Launch

Once you’ve closed your doors, you can use this as an opportunity to see what worked and what you could’ve done better. 

Now that you’ve successfully wrapped up the launch, you can take what you learned from the experience and apply it to further refine your processes and user experience.

5 Pieces of content that make up a bullet-proof launch strategy 

Now, onto the fun part: creating each actual element/asset involved in a successful launch formula! I know copywriting for coaches isn’t always at the top of your fun things to do list, but I’m going to help make the process as simple and straightforward as it can get. 

Launch copywriting checklist

Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is your chance to ATTRACT instead of CHASE. 

Also known as an “opt-in incentive” or “freebie,” your lead magnet is something you offer for free in exchange for an email address. (Basically, this of this bad boy as an incentive to encourage your people to get on your email list)

We love a good lead magnet because it’s the first point of contact for warming up your audience for a launch while, of course, also adding more potential buyers to your email list. 

Your lead magnet/freebie/opt-in incentive is an ESSENTIAL first step in developing a solid as helllllll relationship with your perfect people (your ideal buyers). This way, your audience will be begging to buy by the time your cart opens!

So, what’s the goal? To attract new leads—hence the name, lead magnet—while building connection and providing value to potential buyers. 

Examples of lead magnets:

  • Guides/ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Blueprints
  • Quizzes/assessments
  • Spreadsheets
  • Templates
  • Video trainings
  • Case study

Opt-in Page

Your opt-in page/landing page is a one-off webpage with one singular goal and *one* CTA: to get a subscriber’s email address.

Your opt-in page is how we promote your lead magnet and the page where your audience is able to actually opt in to receive it.

The why behind this guy is to convert interested prospects into email subscribers. Yay! 

Examples of opt-in pages:

Nurture Email Sequence 

Also called a welcome sequence, your nurture email sequence is a series of emails that subscribers will receive when they first opt in to your content (thanks to your lead magnet + landing page). 

Your subscribers will be most engaged within the first 24-48 hours and the average open rate of a welcome email is 58% so we want to make the absolute most of these emails!

Your nurture email sequence is so freaking important to execute correctly because it allows you the opportunity to nurture the new leads you just gained from your lead magnet/landing page and get them ready to take action when your offer is announced.

Pro Tip: You can automate this whole process, fyi

The goal of your nurture email sequence is to keep your brand fresh in your prospects minds while warming them up for your eventual offer.

Sales Page

Your sales page is a standalone alone webpage with just one goal: to sell your offer. 

Pro Tip: Sales pages and landing pages are NOT the same thing, so don’t get it twisted. 

Here’s the difference: 

  • Landing Pages = Get visitors on your email list
  • Sales Pages = Make a sale

Your sales page acts as the central hub for educating your reader on your offer. This is where you’ll be talking about: 

  1. What’s included
  2. Why they need it
  3. Benefits
  4. Proof it works 

This is where you’ll be taking your reader to their final buyer destination (the CTA to make a purchase) through the various strategically mapped out sections of the page. 

The goal for your sales page is to get them to your checkout page and make that cash moneyyyy

Examples of sales pages:

Launch Emails

Now that your offer is available and ready to buy, time to promote tf out of it! 

Your launch/promo emails are the emails you send that directly promote your offer. 


Fun Fact: For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 – score!

Now that you’ve successfully nurtured your new subscribers and warmed them up via your nurture sequence, your launch emails will then make your readers aware that your offer exists and why they’re going to want to buy it. 

And the goal? To convert readers into buyers by getting them to the next step in the process → Clicking over to the sales page (which will finish the job for ya!). 

Launch email cheat sheet

Setting you up for success with a launch formula that works every damn time

Time to pop the champagne because we freaking made it! Now you know every necessary element of a launch that sells your sh*t and makes a lasting impact.

Here’s a breakdown of the main points we covered:

  1. When you get clear on the nitty gritty of why you’re launching, it makes it easier to be intentional when you execute the whole process. 
  1. Having clarity about the launch process and marrying it to each respective piece of copy/content you need (lead magnet, landing page, nurture email sequence, sales page, launch emails) will set you down the path to success! Aka getting your clients to bust down your digital door.
  2. My goal in creating this launch formula is so that you know how to work smarter not harder with a proven, step-by-step conversion copywriting framework that can be used for any launch. 

My hope is that you leave here feeling confident as hell in your ability to weave words together to make something abso-f*cking-lutely magical for both you and your dream prospects. The cold, hard conversions will inevitably follow. 

Whether you’re saying “Mack, I f*cking got this” or “Mack, I still need more help,” I got you, boo! If you want proven high-converting launch copy that does the selling for you over and over again (and then again after that), let’s hop on a call and make it happen! 

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Love Notes

"Wowza! I knew from previously working with Mackenzie, that she’s a true expert at her craft, but she continues to blow me away.

We’ve trusted Mack for every phase of a launch, and let me tell you—the natural humor & wit Mack is able to seamlessly weave into our copy in a way that instantly lets the reader know we *get* them WHILE remaining clear and strategic, is unlike anything I’ve seen before. 

Plus, not only is what Mack delivers packed with the perfect punch of personality (gifs and all), but it usually requires no edits.
She nails it with the first draft, saving us tons of time.

shannon matson
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Basically, working with Mack is a total game-changer.

If you’re looking for that upper echelon sales copy that positions your offer as *the* one, you need to work with the Hot Copy Haus."

“After I met Mackenzie, I realized that writing and copywriting is not the same thing.
One will make you bank money and the other won’t. 

After only a 90-minute breakdown call, Mack was able to write copy that encapsulates my personality and who I am and transmitted that to my people. I just can't recommend her enough. 

Don't think about it. I thought about it for too long and I honestly regret not having invested in her a year ago.

Anna-Christina Gustafson | Business coach

It’s such a sound investment and you're going to get back every penny that you invest.”

“If you’ve been sitting in the copywriting spiral wishing that someone could jump into your brain and just get it, Mackenzie is your answer—trust me, she fucking gets it! Wow did she deliver and then some!  

I had worked with previous copywriters and was worried she wouldn’t be able to nail my voice—that my authenticity wouldn’t show through. But Mack absolutely smashed it.

Nicole Cienne | Bliss Coach

My copy sounded exactly like me but soooo much better.
 Mack brought life to my true voice AND the voice I’d been afraid to use!”

I couldn’t be more grateful for her expertise and inspiration to show up as my baddie-boss-betch self. Also, she makes me literally LOL which makes the entire writing process fun and enjoyable (instead of painful and overwhelming). 

Seriously, her services/offers are THE best business investments I’ve ever made, hands fucking down."

kierstin cifelli | fitness & nutrition coach

"Mackenzie is above and beyond amazing at putting my ideas into words that ATTRACT and SELL.
She over-delivers EVERY. Damn. Time. 

“This was the first time that I had outsourced copywriting, so I was very nervous to make this investment but it was 100% worth it. Every single penny.

Lauren Taylar | Website Designer

I was just blown away. Mackenzie really knows how to capture your brand voice, really make it sound like you, and pack it with personality. 

So if you're thinking of working with Mackenzie, you should totally do it. She's amazing. She's super talented, and it's going to be a really great investment.”

“When it comes to copywriting, Mackenzie knows exactly how to get clarity on your brand voice and how to convey that in your messaging. 

Megumi fujita | embodiment coach

Mack’s able to meet and bridge that gap of where my audiences are and what I want to convey. 

And there's nothing more exciting than to know that someone cares SO much about what you're producing that they make it their own job—they make it a priority to show up and to make it pizzazz and succeed

So what else could I say about Mackenzie except that she is phenomenal and you would be a sucker to not hire her.”

She’s such a genius with all things messaging, positioning, the nitty gritty of specific types of sales copy that you need in your business. 

And honestly, there’s just nobody who sums up better and more succinctly and actionably exactly how to formulate words that sell and copy that converts.


“Mackenzie is literally one of the most genius copy/messaging magicians of anybody that I’ve worked with in the online space. 

This woman, everything that she touches turns to gold.
I highly recommend!”

"Investing in 1:1 coaching with Mack has been the best thing I’ve done for my business. After silently stalking her for a while, I reached out and immediately knew my business would never be the same again.

kait cozzens | copywriter

As a copywriter myself, I was looking to learn from THE best.
And Mack’s it.

Her wit, passion, and knowledge are unmatched. Also, she’s just so much fucking fun!

I have so much more confidence in my abilities and she has been a huge part of that. I can’t think of a reason you wouldn’t invest in her coaching."