What is conversion copywriting? (+ examples)

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November 29, 2022


Your copy can make a huge freaking difference in your conversions if it’s done right

But lemme drop a quick truth bomb and tell it to you straight:

You can be a damn good writer…but that doesn’t necessarily translate to copy that converts

So, before you start running to your keyboard to whip up some words you think your perfect people want to hear, let’s talk about what conversion copywriting really is along with some real life-examples that knocked it out of the park. 

What counts as a conversion

Before we get to breaking down the art + science of conversion copywriting, let’s talk about what I mean when I use the term “conversion.”

A “conversion” is the point where your prospect decides to follow through on the action your promoting and say hell YES to your offer (someone pop the champagne already!!). 

A conversion doesn’t necessarily equal a monetary transaction though. It CAN include clicking a ‘submit payment’ button, but “conversion” also includes any other action the prospect takes where an exchange is involved

Here are a few examples of conversions:

  1. Buying something (exchanging money for a good or service)
  2. Opting into someone’s email list/opting in to get a freebie (exchanging an email address for the promised incentive)
  3. Booking a discovery call (exchanging an email address for your time on the call)

Start thinking about where conversions show up in your business, and keep this distinction in mind as we dive into conversion copywriting hacks throughout the blog!

What’s conversion copywriting?

Joanne Wiebe, who actually coined the term “conversion copywriting,” really captured its essence in saying that we use conversion copywriting to gain more leads, aka more buyers. The trick is to be persuasive while doing it. 

The main goal of this type of writing is to persuade your reader to take action. 

So whether it’s motivating your reader to hop on your email list, making a sale, etc., conversion copywriting narrows the focus of your writing to focus on one single goal.

Successful conversion copywriting results in your reader making a decision and taking action (that one action you were encouraging them to take with your copy).

Conversion copywriting examples that just make sense

Basecamp homepage

First up, we have Basecamp, a leading project management tool. Right smack on their homepage, they say: 

Before Basecamp: Projects feel scattered, things slip, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed. After Basecamp: Everything’s organized in one place, you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.” 

Following the blurb with a bright yellow “Give Basecamp a Try” button. 

What’s the conversion?

The ~desired action~ Basecamp wants you to take is to click the button and sign up for a free trial.

What they did right: 

They introduced a pain point, offered themselves as the solution, and then told you to give em’ a try. 

SEO Strategy Simplified sales page

Now sneaking a peek at a design and SEO expert, we have Lauren Taylar’s SEO Strategy Simplified sales page (which we just so happened to write). 

This sales page gets the job done by immediately identifying the target reader, pointing out a pain point, and then building up anticipation for her offer as the ultimate solution.  

What’s the conversion?

The goal is to get the reader to hit that “HELL YES! I’M READY TO RANK #1” button to buy the course. 

What they/we did right: 

We got specific with calling out Lauren’s target audience so others who don’t fit the bill will say see ya!

We also zeroed in on *the* number one paint point her readers face before offering a solution. 

Template freebie opt-in page

Giving a lil love to a powerhouse small business, we’re comin’ in hot with an opt-in page by Alyssa Ngyuen Design Studio

Simple but oh so effective, notice how the copy isn’t asking the reader to make any additional steps, but to just “get the freebie.” 

What’s the conversion?

The goal of this opt-in page is to get a reader’s email address in exchange for the freebie.

What they did right: 

The specific usage of the words “get” and “give me” act as an easy incentive for the reader to hop on the email list.

Showit homepage

Next up, we have Showit, a website builder for creatives. 

Short, sweet, straight to the point (like me).

Their homepage headline, “Create a website that books the clients you love” followed by the “create your site” button gives you a means of attracting more clients through their platform.

What’s the conversion?

The conversion is to click the button, prompting you to start a free trial.

BONUS CONVERSION: Not ready to go all in and “create your site”? Showit also offers a second option to “view designs” for those who need a little more convincing.

What they did right: 

The CTA was short and straight to the point. The design of the homepage was also very clean and simple, thus making it easier to narrow the focus on taking the desired action. Easy!

They also made the copy personal to you by telling you to create YOUR site. 

Pumping out copy that converts for your business isn’t as complex as the internet makes it out to be. By making the most out of the resources you have at your disposal, you can really change your copy game in just a few easy, actionable steps. 

But if investing in good ass copy is more your speed, we’re all for it—hit our line so we can make it happen! 

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