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The Copywriting for Coaches Starter Pack

Each crucial piece of foundational copy every coach needs to build a consistently profitable brand.

Whether you’re brand new or decades in, promote your business and keep clients happy behind the scenes with these plug-and-play emails, captions, and social media bios. (For coaches of any kind!)

Written with love by a coach for coaches. 

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What's Inside

Timeless captions to convert again and again. These bad boys evolve with you over time, so you always have an easy promotional post (or two) on hand.

Includes a template to: introduce yourself, promote your program/service/product, share social proof and sell.

3 Reusable caption templates (with examples)

‘Build Your Bio’ template vault (with examples)

Real talk—how the actual f*ck are you supposed to capture your insane value in just 150 characters?? 

Here’s how: It’s all done for ya with the Build Your Bio templates including a variety of mix-and-match IG bios broken down per line, so no two bios will ever be the same! 
Plug-and-play Facebook group description template + example are also included.

5 Email templates (with examples)

No email list yet? No worries! The backend of your business and how you communicate with clients is just as do-or-die as the frontend where you reel them in.

Skyrocket client experience and gain testimonials with ease with email templates for: new client onboarding, client offboarding + testimonial request, discovery call bookings.

And, for those ready to start selling, you'll also gain instant access to a proven open cart launch email template and closing cart launch email template!

All future template updates also included. 

the high-converting cta bank

Your one-stop-shop for call to action templates and terms that inspire action and excite!

Maggie Domingo
Human Design Coach

“The Starter Pack instantly made me feel confident in how I can present myself and my offers to my audience.
The biggest surprise was how I actually got EXCITED to get on social media to start putting this content out! 🤯”

Say no more! I’m ready to convert!

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“The Copywriting for Coaches Starter Pack is exactly what you need to begin communicating effectively to your ideal clients and community. 
The Starter Pack takes the guesswork out of your copywriting. When you use these templates to guide your copywriting, you will feel more confident in how you present yourself and your offer.”

Dani Frank, Yoga Instructor

“This is 🔥! It takes away the painful part of copywriting and turns it into a task that's not only bearable but enjoyable 😍

The social media templates feel authentic to post because they're chalk full of opportunities to customize the copy unique to you, and I'm particularly obsessed with the email templates because they lay out everything really effectively. 
YOU 100% NEED THIS if you're a coach!”

Maggie Domingo, Human Design Coach

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Love Notes

Word On The Web

Everything in the Hot Copy Shop was designed for coaches, consultants/service providers, and course creators of any kind. 

While some of the products specifically call out coaches in the name, the templates and tools inside are applicable to any service-based business.

These simple and straightforward yet strategic resources were all created for both:

1. Those who suck at copywriting.

2. And those who are pretty damn good at it but aren’t exactly sure where to start or how to optimize their copy for conversions.

Helllllllll no.

At the Hot Copy Haus, we firmly believe that how successful you are at selling comes down to how you present yourself and the genuine as f*ck connections you’re able to establish with your perfect people. 

Simply stated: We believe personality is everything. 

For this reason, each and every bundle/kit along with the separate templates inside have all been designed with individuality in mind and are adaptable to brand voices and vibes of all shapes and sizes. 

And to take it a step further, we include workbooks, prompts, notes, and pro tips throughout our resources to get you thinking of how you can put your own spin on the answers that you’re plugging and playing.

Yes! This is what Hot Copy Clarity Sessions are for.

For 1:1 personalized support and to have me review your work and show you how to optimize your copy, just book a Hot Copy Clarity Session.

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For sure! That’s kinda our thing ;) 

Check out our done-for-you conversion copywriting services and our brand strategy solutions below, and book a free Copy Consult Call if you have trouble determining the best fit for you!

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Absolutely—just shoot us a message letting us know what kind of project you’re working on and the platform you use (for example: a sales page on Kajabi, a website on showit). We’ll send you back a few links to recommended designers and templates!

To honor each Hot Copy customer and their investment fairly, unless the individual product page says otherwise, there are no refunds. 

If you’re not totally confident in what you write with one of our templates/resources, hit us up at team@hotcopyhaus.com, and let’s talk about some ways to get you on the right track!

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